Toll / contract Compounding

Technical Recycling of Industrial Plastics Parts

Contract R&D (Polymer Compounds & Process Development)


INVENTA is the first company to start Toll Compounding services within INDIA, since 1992.

Our reputation as solution provider via “Innovation” in Complex polymer compounding, made us a Toll compounder for our clients. In those days, the clients had no chance to try out their “New ideas”

We take “confidentiality & non-compete” very seriously as integral part of our business policy.

Our QC, R&D Lab, and tech team services are available on predefined need basis to Tolling clients.

Since 1992, we have the opportunities to serve many clients (domestic and international) with multiple products lines, simple and complex. Our list below is a partial list, as other unpublished list falls within “confidentiality” category.

Typical examples of our expertise with Toll compounding goes beyond the publicly known list, as below.

Polymers: PE, PP, TPO, TPE, ABS, PS/HIPS, PC, PC/ABS, Nylons (6,66,12) PBT, PEEK, PES, PPO, TPU & Alloys.

Fillers & Reinforcing agents: Talc, Mica, CaCO3, Mineral (wollastonite), Graphite, CB, GF, CF..etc. Range from 5% to 55%, depending on the Fillers and Polymer.

Additives: Colors, FR (Hal and Non-Hal), Impact modifier, Compatibilizers, Stabilizers, Antioxidants, Slip agents, Black, TiO2, Silica, Nano-materials, Reactive agents.

Technical Recycling of Molded Components/parts in to Value added Engineered Plastics.

CONTRACT R&D for clients – paid research for creating clients products and IP


POLYAMIDE - 6 & 66 : Natural, Black, Grey

Unfilled In Natural & Colors
Glass Fibre reinforced (GF) GF from 10 - 50%. Natural, Black and Colors
Mineral Filled (MF) Filler from 10 - 50%. Natural, Black and Colors
Glass and Mineral filled (GMF) Various ratios of Filler / GF
FR Grades: GF, MF, GMF Black & Natural. V0, V1, V2 ratings, ROHS compliat

POLYESTERS: PC, PBT, PET & Alloys: Natural, Grey, Black

Glass Fibre reinforced (GF) GF from 10 to 40% Natural and Black
Mineral/Mica Filled (MF) Filler from 15 to 45% Natural and Black
FR Grades: Unfilled, GF, MF Natural & Black
Alloys: UF and GF grades Natural, Grey & Black

ABS, SAN, Alloys: Natural, Black, Grey, Colors

Unfilled Various colors, High Impact, High Heat
Glass Reinforced GF from 10 - 30%. Natural, Black
Alloys: PC / ABS, Nylon / ABS Natural, Black and Colors

POLYPROPYLENE (Homo & Copolymer) - Natural, Grey, Black, Colors

Mineral / Talc / Mica Filled Filler from 10% to 50%
Glass Fibre reinforced (GF) GF from 10 - 50%
FR Grades: V0, V1, V2 UF, GF, MF, High Impact
Alloys: TPO Compounds Various TPE / Rubber etc for Custom Compounds

Inventa Polymer

Specialty Engineered Polymers developed & manufactured by INVENTA

Research-Development & Commercialization

Contract Custom-Compounding