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Specialty Engineered Polymers (Inventa Brand)

Polymer Pellets, Invent Twin Screw Extruder

Innovation partnership with US client started in 2015

Inventa Brand Products Commercialized: 2016

Super Saver Grade ZieMAX™ grades for all applications where you use PA66GF or PA66MF.

High strength ZieMAX™ reinforced grade exceeding the properties of PA66/GF grade for automobile, Electrical-Electronics-Energy, and Industrial applications.

High Impact Blow Molding Grade PET for Molded Containers.

High Impact Polyamide 6 UV resistant Black Grade for SOLAR Energy industry.

Ultra-tough PA6 and PA66 from PA6 and 66 Regrinds.

PA66-Mineral Filled & GF Grades.

Inventa Polymer

Specialty Engineered Polymers developed & manufactured by INVENTA

Research-Development & Commercialization

Contract Custom-Compounding