Inventa Polymer Technologies

Our Products: Engineered Plastics Compounds

Technology driven company serving various OEM sectors and Polymer processing Industries with innovative solutions in demanding performances the Engineered Plastics Compounding & composites.

Inventa Facilities

Inventa Polymer Technologies

Fully integrated R&D and Manufacturing facility is located just outskirt of Chennai, about 4 KM from DELPHI-TVS factory off ARAKKONAM Highway.

Location is within easy and quick driving distance from the city, as well as major Automotive and Industrial clients.

The facility has been founded in 2005, and has been engaged in Polymer compounding business.

The company has been serving multiple reputed leading niche clients and applications.

Unique attributes: Innovative, agile and flexible company with strong emphasis on providing solutions to clients via Polymer Compounding Technology, innovation, cost competitive & commitment to Quality.

The company has been founded and led by the Managing Director, Dr. Banerjie with more than 35 years’ relevant experience in USA & India, and a Ph.D. in Polymer from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.

Confidentiality: Inventa follows strict “Customer Confidentiality”, with or without signed NDA/CDA (exception - usually known public information).

R&D and Innovation: This is the foundation pillar of the company since it’s start in 1989. The company has been doing R&D for developing highly engineered and complex polymer compounds for various clients and products are commercialized as INVENTA-branded Polymer compounds. All contract research works for clients (funded by clients) are carried out under “Confidentiality Agreement”.

Sustainability-Green program: The company has established a strong track record since 1989 for developing highly engineered Plastics compounds and composites from “recycled molded parts, extruded sheets/films” or from Polymer regrinds, as part of our contribution and commitment to “sustainable-Green” program in the industry.

Quality: Quality first is the approach by the production team. The Production Team is trained on every small steps of “Raw materials handling to processing to product bagging” as part of Quality. (a) All raw materials go through qualification trials before approved for use in any product formulations (b) All Raw materials are chosen from reputed & reliable suppliers (c) All machines are routinely maintained by the engineering Team of Inventa (d) Online quality check is part of our production process.

Safety record: ZERO incident for last 5 years. “APPLY YOUR MIND, WHILE ON THE JOB” is our fundamental “Mantra” for Job safety. Training, safety gears, and supervision are part of our safe-work process.

Quality Policy: ISO 9001 2008 Certified

Inventa Polymer Tchnologies is committed to Quality and consistency of products & services to its clients.


  • Client first approach from product development to manufacturing-delivery and services
  • Strict adherence to Quality Management system & Monitoring
  • Continual improvement in Product Quality, Process & human resources training
  • Continual Routine maintenance of machineries & equipment engaged in production of products
  • Listening to our clients & ensuring that we meet Clients’ requirements

R&D Laboratory & Testing Facilities:

  • R&D: Co-rotating Twin screw Compounding Extruder Line
  • MOLDS: ASTM family
  • Density Testing
  • MFI Testing Machine
  • Moisture Testing - Karl-Fischer
  • Ash Content – Muffle Furnace
  • Universal Testing Machine (Tensile & Flex)
  • IZOD Impact Testing Machine with Notch Cutter
  • HDT and
  • Vacuum Ovens

Inventa ISO Certificate

ISO Certificate

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