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Innovative, agile, flexible and well known for “rapid response” to clients needs.

Team-INVENTA consists of highly innovative, experienced & committed professionals, and associates, who have (since 1989) converted many “problems & Ideas” in to significant and successful Business opportunities for clients. That is the strength of Team-INVENTA. Together with his Team members, Dr. Banerjie, actively sweats on the R&D floor, Test Lab, the Production floor, the “brain storm room” as well as with clients in their production floor.

Innovation Mantra: “Let us convert the problem in to an Opportunity via R&D, innovation and commercialization in to a win/win solution”. We have the tools, and process in place to work out the CTQ for an application/part/product.

Inventa Founder and Managing Director

Dr Asis K Banerjie

Founder & CMD

Dr. Banerjie, returned from USA in 1988 December, and founded INVENTA in January 1989.

Dr.Banerjie is branded as a “Leading Innovator – with complete practicality in mind” in the field of Specialty Engineered Polymer. He has been practicing the “innovation to commercialization” process since the time he was doing his Ph.D at Case Western in 1974, then followed rigorously during his employment with BF Goodrich (Brecksville,OH), Allied-Signal in Morristown NJ (now Honeywell), TRIMAX Inc (USA)…etc just to name a few. He has many awards of innovation to his credits during his more than 36 years of Techno-commercial career, globally.

Innovative, Dynamic, High Energy strategic Business-Technology-Team Leader & Entrepreneur in Polymer field, with 36+ years of Global experience & contacts. Experience covers – Green field start up to Large MNC, Business turn around, Growth, emerging market, IP estate, and M&A.

Ph.D: 1977 Dec. Polymer Science &Engineering, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland,OH.

M.Sc: 1974 June, Gold Medalist –Chemistry (Polymer), University of Delhi.

Patents: More than 25 US patents.

Awards: TiE-Ohio, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur, Medina County Economic Development Corp., Ohio State, AIPMA award in TN, Allied-Signal Innovation awards, Patent awards.

Worked: 22 years from USA (includes 3 years from both US/India) and 14 years (1989-2002) from India.

Market covered/created, Contacts developed: Globally – USA, EU, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, India.

Field of expertise: Polymers & additives, Poly-olefins, Engineered Plastics, High performance engineered polymers, R&D, Tech-recycling of Plastics waste in to value engineered products, Nano composites (with Carbon Nano tubes, Graphenes, Carbon Fibers, Nano-cellulose), Green Bio-Polymers, product commercialization, Applications, marketing.

Confidentiality: Dr. Banerjie is extremely disciplined & cautious about honoring all applicable “confidentiality obligations & commitment”, those are binding on the company and/or himself. He firmly believes that this discipline is integral part of our everyday business policy.

Current interest & Programs

  • “Waste to Wealth” program via development and commercialization of Highly Engineered plastics from Recycled Plastics and regrinds. Such as - NYLON compounds, PC compounds from part regrinds & Polyester compounds from Recycled PET bottles.

  • High performance Polymer compounds & innovative Bio-based Nano-composites, for Automotive, electronics and other Industrial applications, per clients’ requirements.

Other key attributes

Client centric: Always remains innovative for developing a client-centric business approach. Establishes “client experience” differentiating from other competitors, keeping in mind that, “a client comes to and stays with you only when client finds a strong or value based convincing reason that includes practical innovation with better margin for the client”.

Innovation in Business: Gained significant credibility with the stakeholders within and outside the company (associates, outside tech partners, suppliers, or clients or competitors) for creative ideas and solutions. Created alternate channels, worked on new ideas that could bring significant benefit or alternative options.

Materials Expertise: Engineered materials for engineering applications with stringent performance specifications. Examples: from Polyolefins (PE, PP) to PEEK, including Polyamides (N6, N66, N6/66, N12, copolymers & amorphous Nylons with aromatic monomers for Packaging Applications); Polyesters (PET,PBT & PC), PES, PPS, PEI, PS, TPU, TPO, TPE, TPS, Natural & synthetic Elastomers Green Bio-based Polymers (nonfossil). Various functional additives as well as composite/reinforcing materials.

Inventa Polymer

Specialty Engineered Polymers developed & manufactured by INVENTA

Research-Development & Commercialization

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