Speciality Engineered Plastics compounds

  • We convert problems into solutions aspartner to our clients.
  • We tailor specialty engineered compounds as per the customer requirements. All type of thermoplastic compounds and composites can be developed in our facility. We manufacture polymer compounds from prime as well as Recycled resins, meeting the TDS and performance criteria.
  • We work with clients on various cost saving programs with agreed product properties and performance target.

Contract Compounding: Tolling services

INVENTA, known for its commitment to Quality & strong processing expertise, is doing Toll compounding since last 15 years, for a number of reputed clients.

Sustainability Program & Products Technical Recycling of Plastics Parts

On tolling service basis, we recycle all sorts of molded rejections for our clients as part of their “sustainability program”. Based on properties of the recycled pellets from parts, we offer two types of services to our clients:

  • Convert rejected parts into pellets without any additive.
  • Make compounds with added properties, like (a) converting unfilled into filled, or (b) light colour into black, or (c) improve Impact, etc, that may be Technical spec for a different application than the original rejected part.
PlastiRock for Road and Construction
  • Hybrid Ashphalt with Comingled Recycled plastics makes Plasti-Rock for Road.
  • Conductive Plasti-sands for Rust proof Bridge &Construction concretes.
  • Roof-Seal with Comingled Recycled plastics-Elastomers-Rubber.
  • Roofing Membrane made with Comingled Plastics Rubber waste.

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